Lakeview Drinks



Mint Leaves, Simple Syrup, White Rum & Soda w/ lime! 1 oz

Basil Smash$7.90

Fresh basil, simple syrup Gin & Soda with a lime wheel 1 oz

Jahito $9.90

Mint leaves Brown sugar simple syrup, Jameson’s Irish whiskey

Tom Collins*$9.90

Gin, lemonade, soda, garnished with a lemon wheel 2 oz


Canadian Club Whiskey Sweet OR dry vermouth dash of bitters, maraschino cherry & lemon 2 oz.

The Godfather* $9.90

Bourbon, Amaretto garnished with a cherry 2.5oz


Nojito $5.90

The same classic Mojito but with 0 alcohol

Big Apple $5.50

Orange juice, apple juice mixed with grenadine & soda! Served over ice, topped with an apple slice!(non-alcoholic)

Virgin Ceasar $7.90

Clamato juice, with spices Garnished with olives and celery

Shirley Temple $5.90

Orange Juice, Gingerale & Grenadine w/ a cherry



Strawberry Daquiri

Blended Fresh & Frozen Strawberries Rum, Simple Syrup & Lime juice!


Peach Daquiri

Blended Fresh & Frozen Peaches Rum, Simple Syrup & Lime juice!


Lychee Daquiri

Blended Fresh a Frozen Lychee Rum, Simple Syrup & Lime juice!



Virgin Ceasar $5.90

Clamato juice, with spices Garnished with olives and celery

Cowboy Ceasar$9.90

Vodka, Clamato juice, Horseradish Topped w/ candied bacon, sweet bean, olives and celery – 1 oz

Pickled Ceasar$9.90

Vodica, Clamato juice, Pickled Bean & Olive juice Garnished with olives, sweet beans and celery – 1 oz

Ultimate Ceasar$14.00

Vodka, Clamato juice, Horseradish w/ a slider, candied bacon, sweet beans olives and celery-1 oz

1 oz Gin 15.00 / 1 oz Tequila 15.00



Triple Sec, vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice w/ fruit garnish 2 oz

Chocolate Martini $10.90

Crème de Cacao, Smirnoff Vodka & Baileys Shaken and served in a martini glass topped with chocolate shavings 3 oz

The Classic $9.90

Gin OR Vodka Dry OR Sweet Vermouth garnished with olives & lemon wheel. 2 oz

  Extra olives $1.00

Deep Blue Sea $9.90

Vodka, blue curaçao, sour mix pineapple juice w/ a lemon 1.5 oz

Specialty Coffee

$10.50/2.5 oz

Bavarian Coffee

Kalhua, Peppermint Schnapps & Coffee


B-52 Coffee

Bailey’s, Grand Mamier, Kalhua & Coffee 


Irish Coffee

Irish Whiskey & Coffee


Spanish Coffee

Brandy, Kalhua & Coffee 


The Lakeview

Bailey’s, Frangelico & Coffee


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